Friday, October 17, 2008


ok my quirks...

1. i wear david's socks. i own probably 2 pairs of my own, one of which are pink argyle and the others a fuzzy blue striped. Most of the time I wear flats, but when i wear regular shoes, i wear david's costco socks. they're white and probably too big for me, but i'm too lazy to buy my own.

2. this is a strange one. i am drawn to silky/satiny things. mostly tags in shirts. if they're silky, i can't stop touching it. i have this bow my mom gave me (she knows i like soft things and saved it from a present) and i usually hold/play with it while watching tv. maybe it calms me down. maybe i just like soft things on my skin. anyway, it's weird. it could go back to me dragging around a baby blanket/sucking my thumb.

3. i dont like cheese. i can't eat stuff that smells gross (bleu, feta, goat, parmesan) i'll eat cheddar (on mexican food) and mozarella (it's smell-less) but anything else scares me to death.

4. shoes. as soon as i get inside i take them off. i absolutely hate walking on carpet with shoes. i feel like i'm getting it dirty.

5. i'm rarely, if ever, late (if i'm in control of the situation, i.e. i'm the driver). i'm never late for work, i usually get there at 8 on the dot. i normally leave earlier than i need to for church/activities/appointments and end up waiting for like 10 minutes for whatever it is to start.

6. i put chapstick on all day long. i have a fear of cold sores which i get once a year so i try to prevent them with spf chapstick.

7. i check the weather constantly. i always know what tomorrow's weather will be like and get excited when there's a forecast for a storm.

8. i like doing laundry. i think it's because you can take a huge pile of dirty something and in about 3 minutes have it on it's way to being clean.

9. i'm constantly worrying if my house smells clean and trying to ensure that it is with candles and vacuuming.

10. i'd rather take a bath every day for the rest of my life if i had time, instead of showering.

i tag...christiana smith :)...chelsea fenn...kari simonsen...and anyone else who wants to list their quirks. it was fun!


  1. I actually seem to remember the chapstick thing from many years ago at girls' camp. :)

  2. I don't like being late either...I better start brainstorming =).

  3. i will never forget the cheese thing. i think thats one thing i will always remember about you... the girl who hates cheese.